Shiva Dhawan

Shiva Dhawan

Co-Founder & CEO, Attentive

Shiva Dhawan, an entrepreneur and visionary, is the Co-Founder & CEO of Attentive.

Founded in 2017, Attentive is a global geospatial technology company which has democratized access to property measurements for thousands of outdoor service professionals. Shiva’s mission is to continue solving the toughest problems being faced by lawn-care and landscaping professionals.

In 2015, Shiva graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, with a degree in mechanical engineering. He then worked at Kearney as a management consultant. Shiva also co-founded Consulting for Social Good (CSG), a non-profit organization which helps NGOs & social enterprises attain better outcomes.

Shiva continues to inspire young entrepreneurs to take upon challenging adventures and start their own companies. He usually does this by sharing learnings from Yoda and Ben Horowitz.