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Utkarsh Sharma

Utkarsh Sharma

CEO, SiteRecon

Utkarsh is the Founder & CEO of SiteRecon - a business he started 1 year ago. In 1 year, he built a deal pipeline of $1 million and closed $350,000 even though he spends only 30% of his time doing sales. Rest of the time he is involved in operations, product development & building the team. Using tech to increase the size of the funnel and automating data entry tasks has been the key to punching above his weight class.

Utkarsh has a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Delhi - it's like the MIT of India. But that's not the coolest thing he did, it was probably leading a team that mapped 280,000 miles of parking drive lanes in 5 weeks across 110 metros in the US and Canada. That's 5% of the total road network in the US. Can you believe parking drive lanes are such a big portion of it?

In his free time, Utkarsh transforms into an armchair philosopher, film critic, MMA expert and a loving son, brother, fiance and friend.


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