Speaker Bio

Elizabeth Bonadonna

Elizabeth Bonadonna

President, Busy Beaver Lawn and Garden

Elizabeth Bonadonna, CSP is President of Busy Beaver Lawn and Garden based in Buffalo, NY. 

Busy Beaver is a Landscape Design Build company that also offers maintenance services. In addition to the Landscape services, Busy Beaver has a Retail Center offering all the Lawn and Garden goods and events to the community.

During the off season for landscaping, Busy Beaver specializes in Commercial Snow and Ice Management.

Elizabeth started this business with her two partners in 2014 and has continued to grow the company each year since its inception. Elizabeth has always had a passion for art and design growing up leading into her career as a Landscape Designer.

From old fashion marketing to digital, using technology and other avenues to advertise has set the company apart in their marketplace. Elizabeth and her company enjoy embracing technology and all its fine features to advance in their industry. They have created a destination company for employees and clients, exceeding their expectations every step of the way. Elizabeth will teach about where their roots started and how they grew to become an industry leader.