Speaker Bio

Sashikumar Y.R.

Sashikumar Y.R.

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, SpaceAge Labs

Sashikumar is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of SpaceAge Labs.

SpaceAge Labs is revolutionizing operations and maintenance of remote and distributed assets using wireless IoT and machine learning. SpaceAge combines domain expertise and deep technology to improve efficiency, sustainability, and compliance in critical urban infrastructure management.

Sashikumar completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Masters in Embedded Systems. With 17 years of experience in data acquisition and industrial automation, he understands the value of reliable data and the need for technology adoption.

He is an engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion and has always been a strong advocate of IoT and digitalization.

In SpaceAge Labs, he was instrumental in developing "urbanEye AI", an innovative technological solution for managing outdoor works. He has spent three years from idea inception to commercialization and acquired significant domain knowledge in the landscaping industry.