Speaker Bio

Jeff Sebert

Jeff Sebert

Founder and CEO, Sebert Landscape

Jeff Sebert is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sebert Landscape.  Headquartered in Bartlett, IL, Sebert has seven regional branches serving northern Illinois and southeast Wisconsin.   “It was my love for nature that inspired me to start my business in 1985.”  As a high school student, Jeff worked in the landscape industry working his way up the ladder as a crew foreman.   When he realized that advancement peaked, he vowed from that day on, “if I ever owned a company, creating opportunities for my employees would take top priority.  I want to continue to offer opportunities to those who have a similar passion as me, and I’m continually working on building a company that inspires the younger generation to be part of the landscape industry.”

Sebert is a full-service commercial landscape contractor with a unique and sustainable approach we like to call, “the new green.”  It means seeing environmental stewardship as a way to achieve business success by making the most of every resource, minimizing waste, and encouraging the use and transition of alternative methods to reduce our carbon footprint.   It is our vision to reshape the landscaping industry and change the way people think about sustainability.

In 2009, Sebert constructed a Gold LEED certified headquarters in Bartlett, IL.  The 28,000-sf space features a green roof, solar panels, high-efficiency cooling and lighting systems, as well as outdoor water features, rain gardens, and permeable pavers to assist with proper storm water drainage.  In addition, Sebert incorporated the use of battery-operated hand-held equipment into their fleet, replacing fuel-based trimmers.   To maintain optimum efficiency and consistency in charging, Sebert developed solar trailers.  Each trailer is equipped with solar panels on the rooftop to allow for recharging and prompt exchange of batteries, as needed.   Up until 2021, Sebert used propane commercial mowers for their maintenance operations.  Most recently, crews have been outfitted with battery-operated 60” commercial mowers with great success.    It is our intention as this technology advances into the commercial industry, we will eventually replace our propane mowers with more efficient battery-operated equipment.