Speaker Bio

Daniele Collinson

Daniele Collinson

Director of Client Experience, Blades of Green Lawn Care & B.O.G. Pest Control

Daniele wants to be a part of a world full of innovative, technology seeking individuals that want to change the way people view our industry while growing their businesses and empowering their people!

As a Division Manager for Blades of Green Lawn Care and B.O.G. Pest Control she's worked in the office, routing department and is currently the manager for the Pest and Plant Health Care departments. Through the support of the company and the mindset that we should always question the things that "have always been done that way.” Daniele has been able to help advance the company through concepts like going paperless, monthly billing, multi-service routing and overall increasing efficiencies. She is a passionate leader that wants those on her team to be excited about learning new things and growing themselves in both technical and interpersonal aspects.

When Daniele is not growing her team she is at home growing crops and raising pigs, cows and her two children, Owen and Ellie alongside her husband Jerrett.