Jonas Pattie

Jonas Pattie

Co-Owner, The Pattie Group

Jonas G. Pattie, LIC is the President and second-generation Co-Owner of The Pattie Group. A 55-year-old, Cleveland Ohio based, family owned Landscape firm with revenues near 15 million annually. At 45 years old he is the quintessential Generation X Leader. Having grown up in the business witnessing most every aspect of the company’s growth and development, the landscape industry is in his blood. He is also old enough to have seen and remember vividly the immense work done with pen, paper, markers and typewriters, and communication done by payphone, CB radios and in person. He has lived through the age of pagers, and car phones, the arrival of the personal computers, email and the internet.

Jonas has seen first-hand the effect technology has had on the lifespan of the business, both positive and negative. It gives him a unique and interesting perspective on how to assess the technology before us and stay abreast of what is coming. Perhaps more important, how do you engage employees of all generations in the implementation of technology in the workplace and how to go about choosing the right things to implement, what pitfalls to avoid and the owner’s role in all of it. 

Service Breakdown:

  • 51% Residential Design/Build
  • 5% Commercial Design Build
  • 29% Residential Landscape Management (includes snow)
  • 11% Commercial Landscape Management (includes snow)
  • 4% Lawn & Plant Healthcare / Fertilization